Sinead vs Miley

In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s been a bit of a spat between Miley Cyrus, the teen-pop-idol-turned-building-site-inspector, and Sinead O’Connor, the sometimes-insightful, sometimes-ludicrous-sounding singer-songwriter. The feud started because of a music video which aped a famous video by O’Connor.

I won’t add to the thousands of words that have already been penned on the singers’ exchange of open letters, tweets and TV appearances. Miley’s talent seems dubious at best, and one wonders if, like Sinead, she’ll still be makng music when she’s in her forties.

Miley tweets about Sinead's mental state
Miley tweets about Sinead’s mental state

I’m not really in Miley’s demographic, but if I really want to watch a music video where a pretty young thing sings while making Bambi eyes at me, I’ll watch this:

In any event, the spat reminded me that I haven’t listened to O’Connor in years.

download (20)

There was a time when she was unavoidable.

Because we’re both from Dublin, truly a tiny city, I would occasionally see her walking around town.

I decided I should check out what O’Connor is doing now, and I have to say I’m glad to hear that her voice has lost none of its power, and she still knows how to pen a decent tune.

Of course, the feud between the two singers hasn’t harmed either of their record sales, and a cynic might be forgiven for thinking O’Connor timed her attack well.

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