The Best Holiday Sketches from Saturday Night Live

Over the years SNL has given us some classic moments, especially at this time of year. Here are some of the best. The list unfortunately doesn’t include Bill Hader as Stefan, only because it’s almost impossible  to find quality video of his skits if you are outside the U.S.

D*** in a Box

Andy Samberg and Justin Timberlake team up to make a Christmas hit. With a look and sound that’s inspired by Color Me Badd, this should be on everyone’s ipod at the holidays

The Lost Ending to It’s a Wonderful Life

The perennial Christmas classic is wonderfully spoofed with Dana Carvey as George Bailey, Dennis Miller as Harry, Phil Hartman as Uncle Billy, and Jon Lovitz as Old Man Potter

“I wanna piece of you, Potter!”

Always Be Cobbling!

SNL favourite Alec Baldwin parodies his brilliant monologue from Glengarry Glen Ross as an elf sent from the Home Office to motivate the elves at the North Pole.

The clip, like cocoa, is for cobblers only. Find it here.

Consumer Probe

Dan Aykroyd as fast-talking sleaseball Irwin Mainway discusses some of his company’s toys with Candice Bergen, including “Johnny Switchblade” and “Bag of Glass”.  (sorry for poor sound quality)

The Hanukkah Song

Adam Sandler has recorded three versions of this Jewish holiday favourite. “Harrison Ford is a quarter Jewish; not too shabby!”

Schweddy Balls

One of the most famous SNL sketches of all time. Alec Baldwin deadpans in an innuendo-ridden sketch as Pete Schweddy, the owner of Season’s Eatings, guest on National Public Radio’s “The Delicious Dish”, with Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon.

If you want to make your own Schweddy Balls, there is a recipe here. Ben & Jerry’s got in the act, releasing a Schweddy Balls flavour ice-cream in 2011.


Glistening moist balls here.

In 2010 Gasteyer and Shannon came back to SNL in another NPR sketch filled with double-entendres (Betty White discusses her muffin. “My muffin hasn’t had a cherry since 1939”)

“I Wish It Was Christmas Today!” Song

Horatio Sanz sings, Jimmy Fallon tries not to laugh, Chris Kattan and Tracy Morgan do whatever they want. Unbelievably silly but it quickly became a thing.

“Christmastime for the Jews”

A piece of claymation brilliance, courtesy of SNL guru Robert Smigel, sung by Darlene Love.  Watch it here.

2 thoughts on “The Best Holiday Sketches from Saturday Night Live

  1. Anything with Nutella in it is win for me! I’m in charge of desserts this year for the clan Christmas dinner, Schweddy Balls all round so.


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