Godzilla (trailer review)

By Niall McArdle

There are several reasons to be legitimately excited by the prospect of this “reboot” of the giant sea monster that for decades has thrown the sort of monumental hissy fits that a Tokyo salaryman might when he realises his wife forgot to put his favourite hentai manga in his bento box.

1. Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey. The Irish director of photography is one of the most interesting and versatile guys in the business, and his work has helped elevate the visual grandeur of such films as Atonement and We Need To Talk About Kevin. He shot The Avengers so you know he’s comfortable with large-scale action set pieces.

2. The cast. It is possible, as is often the case with many summer blockbusters, that the presence of weighty thespians is there as a cynical ploy to lend class to what is otherwise a juvenile piece of shit. See John Turturro in Transformers, Ben Kingsley in Iron Man 3, Anthony Hopkins in the Thor movies, and so on. However, Godzilla seems to have such a surfeit of good actors that maybe, just maybe, they’ll all be there to actually act and not just collect an easy paycheck. David Strathairn, Ken Watanabe, Bryan Cranston, Juliette Binoche, Sally Hawkins, Elizabeth Olsen: here’s hoping they deliver. On the basis of the trailer, Strathairn looks like he’s taking the giant lizard threat very seriously. The only potential weak link might be Watanabe, and it really depends if he’s acting in Japanese, (which should be awesome) or garbling the English language as he usually does (which will bring back uncomfortable memories of Inception and have you begging for subtitles).

3. In spite of this being a Warner Bros/Legendary production: The absence of Christopher Nolan. Although the trailer is literally quite dark, and although it hints at a rather serious take on the story, you can probably rest assured that it won’t have the sort of pseudo-philosophical pretentious tone and utterly ludicrous self-importance that the Dark Knight / Man of Steel projects reek of.

Which is as it should be: It is, after all, a film about A GIANT LIZARD.

4. Similarly, no booming, BWAAAAMMM Hans Zimmer score. The odd choral chanting in the trailer is disturbing, but in a good way.

5. If it’s good, it might just make you forget about this:

5 thoughts on “Godzilla (trailer review)

  1. I have to say, the trailer was extremely well done. I think that means I’m allowed to be excited about it. For that reason and the fact that there’s a whole host of people both behind and in front of the camera with talent.


    1. i also liked the fact that it is a genuine teaser: you don’t see the monster at all. Hopefully they’ll be smart about their marketing campaign and won’t overwhelm us in the next six months. I felt by the time I saw Man of Steel I’d already watched it, as I must have seen those bloody trailers dozens of times.


      1. That’s what I’m hoping too. Stretch that mystery, don’t reveal the head of the beast until the audience can take no more. As for trailers, they’ve become absolutely ridiculous. I remember being in the cinema not so long ago and seeing a trailer for “The Call”, the one with Halle Berry. They should the ENTIRE plot in just under two minutes. In chronological order.


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