Not Minding That It Hurts: Lawrence of Arabia

R.I.P Peter O’Toole 1932 – 1913

The Fluff Is Raging


By Niall McArdle


Every month my good friend Beanmimo has devilish fun putting together a fiendishly difficult movie trivia quiz. Recently he stupefied me with a piece of Lawrence of Arabia trivia. It seems impossible to imagine anyone other than Peter O’Toole as the effete and enigmatic T.E. Lawrence, the British soldier who was partial to Greek philosophy and who led a disparate group of Arab tribes against the Turks. And yet when the project was in development, none other than John Wayne was considered for the role. Yes, John Wayne. Try to picture Duke wrapped in robes and standing atop a sand dune or calling for an attack on Aqiba.

I was so flummoxed by the thought, it reminded me that I haven’t watched the film in some time. It is a magnificent spectacle, no doubt, beautifully shot by Freddie Young in “Super Panavision” 70mm…

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4 thoughts on “Not Minding That It Hurts: Lawrence of Arabia

  1. This is the secret of life. Of Course it hurts. The trick is not MINDING THAT IT HURTS. I’ve tried to instill this to my children. Of course it hurts. The other secret is to say: Yes.


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