Interstellar (Trailer Review)

I am underwhelmed by much of what Christopher Nolan does, finding the Dark Knight Trilogy noisy and Inception nowhere nearly as important as it believed itself to be. I still think Memento is his best film, and I have an admiration for The Prestige (particularly as the story is riveting even though the characters are loathsome).

And now here we have the trailer for Interstellar, which hts cinema screens next November. And this is a proper teaser as it gives away very little. Matthew MacConaughey’s drawl tells us ‘we’ve always been pioneers’ as we see various historic space moments, as well as old footage of what looks like the Dust Bowl. Shots of a cornfield, and MacConaughey driving a beat-up old car. He looks upset (and it looks as if there’s something wrong with his eye). But he says ‘our destiny lies above us’ as we see a father and daughter holding hands in front of a cornfield while a rocket blast off into space.

What are we to make of all this?  Hans Zimmer is pounding away on the keyboard (at least, I assume it’s hans Zimmer: it sounds like they’ve stolen a bot from the Sunshine soundtrack). Why is MacConaughey upset? Is this Iowa or heaven? Is the film about people escaping a doomed, dying earth (hence the corn fields on fire)?

And what excatly is the significance of the books on the shelf? One of the books is called Out of the Blue, which sounds sort of spacey, but is in fact this piece of chick-lit. 

I am officially intrigued, Mr. Nolan. You doing space has me excited, mainly because in space nobody can hear you scream, so all your usual noisy stuff will be for naught, plus Gravity raised the bar on space films, so you better deliver.

The film costars Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Ellen Burstyn and Nolan lucky charm Michael Caine.

No word on if or when MacConughey takes off his shirt in space.

2 thoughts on “Interstellar (Trailer Review)

  1. I was painfully disappointed by the trailer, and I’m quite a big fan of Nolan (particularly the aforementioned Inception and TDK Trilogy!), so I really don’t know what to expect from this…


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