Oscars Week – Manic Monday: They Never Won an Oscar???

images (65)buster keaton

By Niall McArdle

The Oscars take place this Sunday. Each day this week I’ll be covering an aspect of the Academy Awards.

There will be winners and losers on Sunday. Of course, the winners aren’t referred to as winners, presumably to make the losers feel better. Get used to hearing the phrase “the Oscar goes to …”

But let’s face it, some people just lose the Oscar.

Here are some people who amazingly NEVER won an Oscar. Peter O’Toole went home empty-handed EIGHT times. Peter Lorre, Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth were never even nominated.

Those who were awarded the consolation “honorary Oscar” are noted.

I’m restricting the list to dead people. There’s still hope for the likes of Alfred Molina, Steve Buscemi,  Donald Sutherland, Jennifer Jason Leigh and John Goodman (none of whom have ever even been nominated)

download (62)Greta Garbo. Nominated 3 times. Honorary Oscar in 1954

ImageHoward Hawks. The director of Bringing Up Baby, Scarface, The Big Sleep, Rio Bravo and Red River was nominated only once, for Sergeant York. Awarded Honorary Oscar in 1974

raisnClaude Rains. Nominated 4 times

Peter-Lorre3Peter Lorre. Never nominated

some-like-it-hot-marilyn-monroe-02Marilyn Monroe. Never nominated

avag_486823Ava Gardner. Nominated once

images (66)

Richard Burton. Nominated 7 times.

dorothy_486823Dorothy Dandridge. Nominated once

nataliewood_486823Natalie Wood. Never nominated

download (63)Marlene Dietrich. Nominated only oncedownload (60)Sidney Lumet. Nominated 4 times. Honorary Oscar in 2007

renoirJean Renoir. Nominated only once

tarkovskyAndrei Tarkovsky. Never nominated.

russellRosalind Russell. Nominated 4 times. Awarded Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award in 1973

ritahayworth_486823Rita Hayworth. Never nominated

images (65)Barbara Stanwyck. Nominated 4 times.
peter o toolePeter O’Toole. Nominated 8 times. Awarded Honorary Oscar in 2003

hitchAlfred Hitchcock. Nominated 5 times. Irving Thalberg Award in 1968

grantCary Grant. Nominated twice. Honorary Oscar in 1970

download (61)Peter Sellers. Nominated 3 times

buster keatonBuster Keaton. Never nominated. Honorary Oscar in 1959

altmanRobert Altman. Nominated 5 times. Honorary Oscar in 2005

peckSam Peckinpah. Nominated only once.

cassJohn Cassavettes. Nominated 3 times

(Best Screenplay, Faces. Best Director, A Woman Under the Influence. Best Supporting Actor, The Dirty Dozen)

download (59)Stanley Kubrick. Actually, he did win once: He won for Visual Effects for 2001, even though it’s arguable that Douglas Trumbull really did the lion’s share of the work


5 thoughts on “Oscars Week – Manic Monday: They Never Won an Oscar???

  1. Don’t forget Richard Burton, nominated seven times. Also, it’s worth noting that although Meryl Streep has won 3 Academy Awards she’s possibly the biggest loser in Academy history, losing 15 times.


  2. I think it’s all too much of a circus Niall, and the BAFTA?Golden Globes/Oscar roadshow serves to self-congratulate, in the main. I like to look for winners of more obscure awards, or Jury Prize winners at Cannes, and Sundance.
    Mind you, you are very correct to highlight the wealth of talent that has been, and still is, overlooked. Good idea, and interesting reading.
    Cheers mate, Pete.,


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