International Polar Bear Day


By Niall McArdle

Today is International Polar Bear Day.

Here are some things you can do to help ensure the Arctic stays nice and icy for them.

Take the Thermostat Challenge

Here’s how:

  • On International Polar Bear Day—or starting any day you choose—adjust your thermostat a few degrees (up or down, depending on where you live or the season) to show your commitment to greenhouse gas reductions.

  • Pledge to make every day a Polar Bear Day by keeping your thermostat adjusted, insulating your home, or taking other steps to save energy.

  • Speak up in favor of a sustainable future for your children and grandchildren by letting your representatives you support a fair price for carbon.

  • Make it a community-wide challenge! See the Thermostat Challenge Toolkit, the first in a series of community action toolkits, for ideas and support materials

  • Visit the SOS! Community Page page to commit to additional actions. Also take a photo or make a video of your actions and share it in our gallery to help build momentum and inspire others. If it’s winter time, you could turn down your heat and show yourself “bundled up” for the bears. Or you could share an image of yourself weather-stripping your doors or saving energy another way.

For more information, visit Polar Bears International


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