Oscars Week – Speechless Sunday


By Niall McArdle

This is the first of two Oscars posts today.

The Thank You Speech. It should be easy, shouldn’t it? Especially for actors. Don’t they get paid to perform? Standing up in front of an audience and saying a few words should be the easiest thing for them.

Yet every Oscars ceremony is marked by long, rambling, boring, tear-filled, bizarre speeches that invariably mention God and a bunch of lawyers.

Here’s a piece of information that movie stars need reminding of: God doesn’t give a shit that you just won an Oscar.

Some of the more memorable Oscar speeches were recalled earlier this week by Oh! That Film Blog here.

A Thank You speech, done well, should be a gracious moment. There was a great article at The Stake after this year’s Golden Globes – memorable for some bad, rambling speeches – that pointed out the marks of a good speech, and gave an A+ to Leonardo DiCaprio for his classy, well-delivered gracious words.

Hopefully winners this evening will take note of how well DiCaprio did. Four hours of bad speeches might just be a little much.

One thought on “Oscars Week – Speechless Sunday

  1. The speeches are generally the worst part of any awards ceremony, in any field, and normally best avoided, except for the ‘cringe’ value.
    It is interesting that you feature DiCaprio. I have nothing against this young man, but just cannot share in the adulation of his acting talents. Outside of ‘This Boy’s Life’, and ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?’, I have never really ‘got’ him at all. I find the attachment of Martin Scorsese to him to be very strange, to say the least.
    Regards as always, Pete.


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