Pancakes or Crepes?

By Niall McArdle

Today is Shrove Pancake Crepe Tuesday, the eve of the beginning of the traditional Lenten fast.

For some, it means thick, fluffy American pancakes drizzled in maple syrup.

ImageFor me (and most Irish people), it brings back memories of deliciously thin crepes with sugar and lemon juice.


The Irish Times has published a very fine guide to making the perfect crepe.

If you’re in the Ottawa Valley and in need of a crepe, I suggest visiting The Nook in Pembroke (and take me!)

And if you need a Lent teeshirt, once again Hairy Baby is yer only man.


2 thoughts on “Pancakes or Crepes?

  1. No pancakes for me tonight Niall, as Julie is diabetic, and they are not recommended. However, I’m with you, on nice thin ones, with sugar and lemon. And if in Holland, it is pannekokken with ham and cheese, followed by a sweet one too!
    Cheers mate, Pete.


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