Paddington Teaser Trailer

By Niall McArdle

This is either going to be wonderful … or awful.

The beloved bear from Peru with a fondness for marmalade was created by Michael Bond in 1958. Bond’s day-job was as a cameraman on BBC’s Blue Peter.

paddington-bear-bookThe television series began in 1975, narrated by great British actor Michael Hordern. We will have to wait until November to see hear if Colin Firth can match his wonderful tone:

If the film is a success, it might start a trend of taking beloved memories of childhood from the BBC to the big screen: expect to see Bagpuss, Bod, Mr Benn, Ivor the Engine, Postman Pat, and the residents of Trumpton, Camberwick Green and Chigley at a cinema near you.

One thought on “Paddington Teaser Trailer

  1. Not Trumpton and Camberwick Green! Never. This just goes to prove that nothing is sacred Niall.
    Before you know it, Bono will be doing the narration on Postman Pat, and Thomas The Tank Engine.
    So, I am going with …or awful…
    Cheers mate, Pete.


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