St. Patrick’s Week: A Year in Dublin

By Niall McArdle

It’s been a week filled with Irish inspiration: novelists, poets, and musicians, as well as the #IrelandInspires video which went viral this week.

There’s no better way for me to end the week than with a wonderful tribute to my hometown, Dublin, which was posted on You Tube yesterday.

The video – by Dublin’s Zooko Creative – has lovely shots of the cityscape, smiling faces, cheering rugby fans, and isn’t afraid to get all Koyaanisqatsi 

The hypnotic, beautiful music on the video, by the way, is called “Outro” by French electronic outifit M83

One thought on “St. Patrick’s Week: A Year in Dublin

  1. I hear it’s a great place Niall, and not just from Dubliners! One of these days, I must try to get to see it.
    (Promise I won’t shell the General Post Office…)
    Best wishes, Pete.


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