St. Patrick’s Week: #misefreisin – we’re ALL Irish this weekend (so let’s prove that)

By Niall McArdle

There is a call going out this weekend for a Social Media St. Patrick’s Day Parade For All, a way for progressive bloggers, tweeters and facebookers to share their inclusive vision of Ireland as a nation and a people that embraces everyone.

The hastag du jour is #misefreisin, which translates as “Me too”. Tweet a picture or share a story about what Irishness means to you.

The organisers – Irish emigrant lobby group We’re Coming Back – have decided that in light of the controversy over the NY St. Patrick’s Day Parade’s refusal once again to allow members of the LGBTQ community to march in the parade, and especially after the recent St. Patrick’s Day For All Parade in Queens (at which our very own noble caller Panti Bliss was present), that it is high time Social Media is used to spread a positive inclusive message of ‘Irishness” this weekend.

So if you’re Irish (or part-Irish) and wish to send a positive message, head over to Twitter. We’re for all this weekend – except the French rugby team, of course.

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