What a Scam: Ten Great Films about Con-Artists

David O. Russell’s American Hustle is out on DVD and Blu-Ray this month. If you missed it at the cinema, make sure you see it. You can read my review of it here.

If you’re in the mood to get conned, here are ten great movies about scams.

The Hustler

The Sting

Paper Moon

House of Games

The Color of Money

The Grifters

The Spanish Prisoner


Matchstick Men

Ocean’s Eleven





11 thoughts on “What a Scam: Ten Great Films about Con-Artists

  1. ‘House of Games’, a Mamet masterpiece, and ‘The Grifters’, Angleica at her best. Two of my favourite American films of all time Niall. Top stuff! Stick some more text in, and send it to Curnblog…
    Regards from Norfolk, Pete.


  2. Some great movies here, the Mamet’s of course, but I adore The Grifters. Heartbeakers is really clever and very underrated. I would add Jean De Florette/ Manon Des Sources to the list. The saddest and most beautiful of con movies.


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