The Mad Men Season 7 Poster Gets All Trippy … But Does It Mean Anything?

By Niall McArdle

The seventh and final season of Mad Men begins in a couple of weeks. AMC has released the psychedelic poster for the season.


There is a very handy breakdown of the poster’s design – and what it might signify for the season – here.

Season 6 divided many viewers, and the Internet was foaming at the mouth after each episode, as the show’s enthusiasts tried to predict how it would end. In the end, much to everyone’s relief, nobody died, and the mystery of Bob Benson wasn’t as earth-shattering as had been expected.

With the Season 7 poster release, the theories as to what it might mean for Don Draper and the other characters have already begun. The new season begins on April 13th, giving you enough time to catch up on the show here … or play the Mad Men Drinking game here.


2 thoughts on “The Mad Men Season 7 Poster Gets All Trippy … But Does It Mean Anything?

  1. I have to confess, that not having satellite TV, I have never see even one episode of Mad Men. However, a friend recommended it, and I do have seasons one and two on a box set, just not had the chance to watch them yet. (Same with The Wire, and Breaking Bad). Sadly, I sometimes feel that life is too short to catch up with all the ‘good stuff’
    Cheers Niall. Pete.


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