April a to Z – E is for Effing and Blinding: f-bombs away in Wolf of Wall Street

CAUTION: Language May Offend.

By Niall McArdle

E is for English … and the rich variety with which it is sometimes used.



Martin Scorcese’s outrageous black comedy Wolf of Wall Street is notable for many things: Leonardo Di Caprio’s wild, over the top, scenery-schewing performance, Jonah Hill’s false teeth (and false penis), dwarf-tossing, orgies, massive amounts of drugs, strippers and prostitutes, and plenty of nudity.

It has also set a new world-record for the amount of times the word “f*ck” is used in a feature film:  506!  (2.81 f-bombs a minute). Some have the number as 569.


Because the internet loves Supercuts (the genre, not the hairdresser), you can now enjoy all the bad words in the three-hour movie in just over six and a half minutes.

Some may deplore the amount of effing & blinding used in the film, and wonder what has happened to Hollywood in the last thirty or so years. Are movies better or worse for having dialogue spoken the way some people in real life speak? After all, for decades it was never heard and we still have many fine movies from the Golden Age.


Mrs Doyle from Father Ted would also disapprove, although she points out the distinction between “the F word” and the much less offensive “feck” (commonly used in Ireland).

By the way, the origin of the F word is still debated: is it an acronym for For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge or an acronym for Fornicating Under Command of the King?


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13 thoughts on “April a to Z – E is for Effing and Blinding: f-bombs away in Wolf of Wall Street

  1. Wow thanks for the shout out! Fantastic use of the letter ‘E’. I’ve never understood the fear of a combination of letters. Eff you is a nice substitute though for those easily frightened readers.


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