April A to Z: G is for Gobshite (caution: language may offend)

By Niall McArdle

A2Z-BADGE-0002014-small_zps8300775cToday’s A to Z Post is about how to insult someone in Ireland. Before the insults begin, check out some other A to Z bloggers like A Writer’s Journey and Falling Pennies.

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter G.

G is for … Gobshite

gobshite-1537980“Gobshite” is a marvellously useful Irish insult, meaning either “a person who engages in nonsensical chatter” or “a person of poor judgement”. A group of such people is commonly referred to as “a shower of gobshites”.


It’s much stronger than the word “eejit”.


If you’ve been to Ireland, you’ve probably heard it used, in both a serious and a joking way (it is very often used affectionately between friends).


I didn’t think I’d ever hear the word outside of Ireland or Britain, but apparently there is a Celtic Punk band in Boston called The Gobshites.

1383597_10152334169440460_1478728507_nG is also for “geebag’, a highly-offensive term that loosely translates as “douchebag”. It derives from gee, an Irish slang word for vagina. The word “gee” would never be used in polite conversation: there was much merriment back home last week over this advert for Tide laundry detergent.

 Tomorrow’s A to Z post will be gobshite-free.

10 thoughts on “April A to Z: G is for Gobshite (caution: language may offend)

  1. U2 again! Come on Niall, I expect more of you, than those Gobshites.
    Let’s see a post without Bono- please! I know it is hard, when you are Irish…
    Best wishes as always, Pete.


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