April A to Z: I is for Ireland

killiney_hill_dublin_bayBy Niall McArdle

Well, when it came to the letter I, this was a fairly easy choice.

I is for Ireland


It seemed apt because this week the Irish President is currently making a historic visit to the United Kingdom.

Also, regular fluffsters know that many of my posts have been to do with Ireland.

The Irish Diaspora

Irish Writers

Irish Songs

As much as people like reading about Ireland, as a topic on my blog it is still less popular than this post about the new X-Men movie (the most searched topic on my blog is “Naked Jennifer Lawrence”: you dirty feckers)


If you can tear yourself away from thoughts of a naked Jennifer Lawrence, you can read them all of my flufferings about Ireland here.

A2Z-BADGE-0002014-small_zps8300775cToday’s A to Z blogger is Monk Rules.

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