April A to Z: N is for Names – The Game of Thrones Effect


By Niall McArdle

There’s no denying that Game of Thrones has permeated nearly every aspect of the culture. One measure of just how influential the HBO series is the fact that the most popular girl’s name in America is now Khaleesi


We’ll have to wait and see of all these Khaleesi’s will want dragons when they grow up.



5 thoughts on “April A to Z: N is for Names – The Game of Thrones Effect

  1. I actually overheard the following conversation on the train home from work a while ago:

    Person: Your baby is so cute! What’s her name?
    Mother: Her name is Daenerys, you know, like the dragon girl from Game of Thrones. But we call her Dany for short.

    Looks like Thrones names are popular in Australia too!

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  2. The trend for naming children after TV stars, footballers, and characters in popular films and programmes does highlight the general dumbing-down of a celebrity-obsessed society. There is the other issue of ‘unusual’ spellings of better-known names, another example of lack of parental intelligence.
    I would have thought that there were plenty of good names available, without resorting to fantasy heroes.
    As an example, the most common boys’ name now registered in the UK is Mohammed.
    Cheers Niall. (Or is that Nyeawl?)


  3. My children get nice normal timeless names. I save the crazy ones for my writing. But I imagine most writers thought that, not realising that should their work become popular so to would the names they used!


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