April A to Z: Q is for Mayor “Diamond Joe” Quimby #atozchallenge

By Niall McArdle


Television changed forever on April 19th,1987, when The Simpsons made its debut on The Tracey Ullman Show

In all there were 48 short films (roughly one minute each) that ran for three years on Ullman’s show before being turned into a half-hour series.


Originally, Matt Groening had been asked to do an animated version of his Life in Hell comic strip, but came up with the idea for The Simpsons in the lobby while waiting to meet the TV executives.

The shorts were voiced by Ullman cast members Dan Castellanata and Julie Kavner, along with voice-over actress Nancy Cartwright (as Bart). Homer’s voice is markedly different to how it is today as originally Castellanata modelled the voice on Walter Matthau.

27 years later The Simpsons continues and is currently in its 25th season.

The Ted Kennedy parody Mayor Quimby made his first appearance in an episode in 1990.






4 thoughts on “April A to Z: Q is for Mayor “Diamond Joe” Quimby #atozchallenge

    1. cheers, pete. i really wanted to mark the anniversary as i do think it was a cultural landmark. i was halfway through writing it when i thought ‘what the hell starts with q on the simpspns?’


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