Reflecting on A to Z: isn’t that Z to A?


By Niall McArdle

I only heard about the April A to Z Challenge towards the end of March. I have to thank Maryann Holloway of If Only I Had A Time Machine, who mentioned in passing that they would be taking part.

I’m a relatively new blogger, and I write about a variety of topics. I didn’t have time to plan a theme for my A to Z posts, but I probably will next year. I enjoyed several posts by A to Z bloggers who opted to pick a theme for the month. It`s a daunting prospect, but I guess it probably makes for more interesting, challenging writing.

My own A to Z posts were scattershot, covering topics as diverse as the metric system, how to properly make tea, Oscar Wilde, and the Ordinary.

I enjoyed finding and following new blogs, and I gained a few new followers.

I randomly picked other bloggers to highlight each day; I hope they got a few new followers as a result.

Speaking of followers and views, I made sure to send my posts to @AprilAt2Z on Twitter. I would definitely advise all next year’s participants to do likewise.

Was it a success? Yes

Did I enjoy it? Absolutely. Posting something every day was occasionally a bit of a chore, but once or twice I was helped by the internet pixies (thank you, Rubin Carter, for dying on my “R” day).

images (2)

Post that got the Most Views: G is for Gobshite, closely followed by S is for Sex

Post that got the Most Comments: E is for Effin’ and Blindin’

I can only conclude that my followers are foul-mouthed perverts.


Posts I enjoyed writing the most: U is for Uma, V is for Villain. I’m a film fan and an Uma fan.


Posts I found hard to write: D is for Dublin, I is for Ireland. I’m homesick.

Will I take part again next year? Absolutely.

Thank you to all who liked and commented on my posts.

3 thoughts on “Reflecting on A to Z: isn’t that Z to A?

  1. You managed to squeak in a photo of bloody Bono again, Niall, even in your review! Enough now.
    I enjoyed your A-Z very much, and I hope that I didn’t miss any.
    Best wishes as always, Pete.


  2. Congratulations on completing the challenge.

    It’s always fun to see which posts are most popular. Bizarrely one of my all time most popular blog posts is from three years ago, it’s a film review of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas! I have no idea why.


    1. cheers. my all-time top viewed post is a review of the X Men trailer, and this is only because the top search term that brings people to my blog is “naked jennifer lawrence”


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