Genre Grandeur – Reservoir Dogs (1992)

my piece about ‘Reservoir Dogs’ as part of Genre Grandeur for movierob


For the next entry in my Genre Grandeur for the month of May, I present you with a review of Reservoir Dogs by Niall of Silence, Cunning Exile.  He has some great posts including a series called A to Z, so go check it out.

It still isn’t too late for anyone else interested in joining in to this months Genre Grandeur – Crime.  Please send your review of your favorite film in the crime genre to by 25th May.

Take it away Niall….

reservoir dogs

Reservoir Dogs

Niall McArdle

Has it really been more than twenty years since Quentin Tarantino shocked and thrilled audiences with his audacious, breezily confident debut film, Reservoir Dogs? The Sundance darling – it was one of the films that put ‘indie cinema’ squarely in the eye of the mainstream – put off many filmgoers because of its violence and alleged amoral stance…

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