The Royale With Cheeseathon: Celebrating 20 Years of Pulp Fiction


By Niall McArdle

A while back i contributed a review of Reservoir Dogs for Movie Rob’s Genre Grandeur. It got me thinking about Pulp Fiction, which 20 years ago this month won the Palme D’Or at Cannes. It was a controversial win. The film would go on to worldwide fame and win a slew of awards including the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.


To mark the twentieth anniversary of Tarantino’s twisted crime tale, for the next few weeks I’m hosting a Royale With Cheeseathon.


You’re welcome to submit as many articles as you wish, on practically any topic, as long as you link your theme in some way to Pulp Fiction. Perhaps you have something of note to say about the film’s music. Maybe you want to write about the film’s, er, influence on other films. Maybe you’re interested in how it  rejuvenated John Travolta’s career. Perhaps you’d like to discuss Tarantino’s recent films: are they better or worse than his 1994 flick? It might be that you’re a nurse and you have one of those little black medical books and want to tell the non-medical world all about it. Perhaps you have strong opinions on pigs. And of course, you might just want to write a review of Pulp Fiction.

I’ll run the blogathon for as long as it takes until I think that people have had enough of Big Kahuna burgers.


Send me your stuff as a word document – in English, motherfucker – and include any photos and links to videos you’d like to include. Or if you’re an artist who has made a tribute poster, send it along. As Lance might say – mi bloga, su bloga.

Tell me a little about yourself and don’t forget to put a link to your blog.

Email: and be sure to put ROYALE WITH CHEESEATHON in the subject line.

That’d be Kool and the Gang.

17 thoughts on “The Royale With Cheeseathon: Celebrating 20 Years of Pulp Fiction

  1. I don’t expect to be adding much of value Niall, but I am always pleased to see this film celebrated.
    When I saw it at the cinema, I almost applauded at the end!
    Almost. I am English, after all…
    Good luck with the project, and very best wishes, Pete.


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