The Royale With Cheeseathon – Esezkiel 25:17

By Niall McArdleth (7)

Perhaps the most famous Bible quote in film had Tarantino nerds vainly poring over scripture trying to find it in full. Most of the speech is from the Book of Quentin. Only the last bit is from Ezekiel.

Samuel L. Jackson gets to say it twice, of course, and there’s no question that the second occasion – because Jules is convinced that God has got involved with him – has a more emotional punch.

I will leave it to theologians to debate the merits of Bible study. After all, Brett – who reads the Bible – gets killed, while Ringo – who doesn’t – gets to walk away with a trash bag full of cash.

Jacskon must be sick of people asking him to recite it, but he gamely revived the speech on the Graham Norton show recently.

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