The Eleventh Commandment: Thou Shalt Give Ridley Scott an Oscar

By Niall McArdle



Has Ridley Scott found his form again? After confused audiences’ reaction to Prometheus, and the massive dump that critics took on The Counselor, is it possible that the director’s Biblical swords and sandals epic Exodus: Gods and Kings will garner him the sort of praise he got for Gladiator?

Based on the first official trailer, all the signs are good.

There looks to be a fair amount of jumbo crowd scenes, chariot stuff, plagues, as well as Sigourney Weaver looking like a roulette dealer at the Luxor Casino.

"Okay, sweetheart, a ton on 22 Black"
“Okay, sweetheart, a ton on 22 Black”

The tale of the Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt has been fodder for Hollywood before, of course, but it’s a fair bet that Christian Bale’s take on the prophet will be very different from Charlton Heston’s: expect less nobility, more shouting.

"I think the Red Sea is that way."
“I think the Red Sea is that way.”

And although Scott revels in epic cinema, he doesn’t have the same lurid, religiose instincts that Cecil B. de Mille had.

It also seems that Joel Edgerton is trying to sound like Ben Kingsley (which might get confusing as Kingsley is also in the film).

A little-known fact about the Egyptians is that as well as building the Pyramids, they also were the first to dance the Robot

The screenplay is by Steven Zaillan (American Gangster, Schindler’s List)

Surprisingly, the music, although having shades of Gladiator, is not by Hans Zimmer; instead it’s by Alberto Iglesias.

The song on the trailer is a haunting cover of Simple Minds’ “Belfast Child”, a hint that Scott is less interested in miracles and God’s vengeance, and more interested in how religion is a bad thing.

The internet is getting very excited about this. For example, someone with too much time on his hands has done a shot by shot analysis of the trailer.

The cast includes Aaron Johnson, John Turturro, and Ben Mendelsohn.

God brings the plagues to cinemas in December. Will it be good enough to make audiences forget Prometheus? Or the water-logged Noah?

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