Seven (1995) – David Fincher (Niall McArdle)

I recently watched the Blu-Ray of David Fincher’s ‘Seven’. My thoughts on it here at A World of Film

A World of Film


I was living in Korea when I first saw Seven (or Se7en, as it is sometimes pretentiously stylised). The print was dark so I couldn’t make out very much, and the sound in the cinema was appalling. I could barely hear the dialogue over the noise of incessant rain. My initial thought was that the film was interesting, and obviously had some clever notions behind it, but not much more. I watched it on video a year later and appreciated it far more. It was far longer than I remembered; as well as showing dark and scratchy prints, Korean cinemas had the annoying habit of bluntly chopping off arbitrary scenes from movies to reduce the running time, so when I got to see the film in full, I could watch all that I had missed.

I have since seen it several times, and just recently I watched the…

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