Winning the Crowd: Gladiator (2000) an IMDB Top 250 Review

Cinema Parrot Disco has been running a fantastic series of film reviews: the IMDB Top 250. I rewatched Ridley Scott’s Gladiator for her … and now that Scott has returned to hstorical epics, perhaps it’s worth watching again.

"Are You Not Entertained!?!"
“Are You Not Entertained!?!”

You can read my review here.

There are still some films up for grabs if you’re interested in writing a review.



3 thoughts on “Winning the Crowd: Gladiator (2000) an IMDB Top 250 Review

  1. A good review Niall, humorous yet accurate. I hated the cgi at the time, though later viewings made me appreciate the scenes in the provincial arena, and Oliver Reed too. For a more accurate feel of the Roman arena, I would suggest ‘Demetrius and The Gladiators’. I know, Victor Mature, and a woeful script, but the arena scenes are great. Honest…
    Best wishes, Pete.


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