Genre Grandeur – Under The Skin (2014) Second review

Here are my thoughts on the Scarlett Johansson film “Under the Skin” for MovieRob’s Genre Grandeur. SPOILER ALERT!!!


For the next review for this month’s Genre Grandeur – Aliens, I have for you another review of the movie Under The Skin, this one written by Niall from Ragingfluff.  Check out his site for some excellent reviews and commentary on lots of great movies.

Wow! This seems to be a very popular title, maybe I’ll have to check it out myself one of these days.

It’s still not too late to send me your reviews for this months genre.  Just send me your Alien movie review to before Friday and I’ll post it!

Here’s Niall’s take on Under the Skin (2014)


Under the Skin

Niall McArdle


I was thirteen when I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey for the first time. I had heard a lot about it; I knew it was considered important. I watched it with my father, a man who generally liked horse…

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