Genre Grandeur – Oblivion (2013)

I watched “Oblivion” for MovieRob’s Genre Grandeur series on alien movies. Actually not a bad film, and at the very least worth a look for some spectacular scenery in Iceland


Surprise Folks!!!

Here’s yet another review from the great Niall of Ragingfluff for this month’s Genre Grandeur-Aliens.  This time he has reviewed Oblivion (2013).  If you don’t already follow his blog, I urge you to do so.

It’s still not too late to submit a review for this month’s Genre.  Just send me an email to by Friday with your review of an “alien” related movie and I’ll post it.

Niall has also chosen next month’s genre which will be War movie, so start thinking about what you want to submit.

Here’s what Niall has to say about…..


Niall McArdle

Summary: Decades after an alien invasion, the only two humans left on Earth patrol the ruined planet and protect energy-making hydro-rigs from alien scavengers.



Here’s an interesting question for Movie Rob’s Genre Grandeur for July: is Oblivion a film about aliens? Well, yes and no. There is…

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