Proper Milk and the Irish Diaspora


By Niall McArdle

Look at me! I made the Long List for Blog Awards Ireland 2014!

You probably remember me begging asking nicely if you cared to nominate the blog in the Diaspora category.

The Long List of Diaspora Blogs is here.


source: irish dairy board

The Diaspora category is sponsored by The Irish Dairy Board.

This is ironic, or cruel, or both: it simply reminds me that living outside of Ireland it is next to impossible to get proper milk.



Because I am nominated in the Diaspora category, I think it’s apt to repost some of my Diasporational posts.

Like this biography of character actress Una O’Connor.

Or this story about the man from Sligo who taught Churchill the art of oratory.

Or this story about the blind Irish fiddler on the Bounty.


4 thoughts on “Proper Milk and the Irish Diaspora

  1. When you say proper milk Niall, do you mean full-fat, Gold Top, or perhaps even Sterilised? All available in my local supermarket, I am happy to boast. (Mind you, I am on semi-skimmed these days!)
    Best wishes, and good luck in the awards. Pete.


    1. any of those would do. the milk that you get in the supermarket here in canada has a funny taste (at least to me it does), and there’s something wrong with milk that has a shelf life of 2 weeks


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