By Niall McArdle

Benedict Cumerbatch is a genius. Calm yourselves, Cumberbitches.

source: Black Bear Films

source: Black Bear Films

Not just any genius, mind, but Alan Turing, the father of the computer. During the war Turing worked with a group of genius – and rather tweedy-looking – mathematicians at Bletchley Park to crack the code of the Enigma, the machine the Nazis used to send encrypted messages. Breaking the code helped turn the tide of the war.

source: The Weinstein Company

source: The Weinstein Company

source: BBC

source: BBC

The Imitation Game looks brimful with plummy and stuffy English types and enough striped V neck pullovers to cover all of Cambridge. Expect lots of cups of tea. The film also addresses Turing’s homosexuality (in 1952 he was arrested for it and lost his security clearance).

The film also stars Keira Knightley’s cheekbones and Tywin Lannister (obviously recovered from that little incident on the toilet).

This is not the first time the story of Bletchley Park has been brought to the screen. Dougray Scott and Kate Winslet starred in Enigma (based on a novel by Robert Harris).

In 1996 Derek Jacobi played Turing in a BBC biopic that also featured Prunella Scales and playwright Harold Pinter.

Of course, the Brits wouldn’t have got their hands on the machine had it not been for Matthew McConaughey. Heh-heh.

Turing is also the subject of a musical tribute from elctronic avant garde act Pet Shop Boys

6 thoughts on “Cumberbletchley

  1. Looks a bit too close to ‘Enigma’ for comfort I reckon Niall. I think I will stay happy enough with the 2001 production. (Until they show it on telly of course…)
    Cheers, Pete.


      1. I didn’t Niall, but even if he had been, I doubt I would have bothered to watch it!
        I liked Scott in ‘To Kill A King’ though, excellent as Fairfax.


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