How To Photobomb Like A Celebrity

By Niall McArdle 

The Hanksy – source:
Prince Harry recently photobombed some sports officials at the Commonwealth Games, as did his grandmother last week. When even royals are getting in on the photobombing trend, it’s a sure sign that the vogue for the selfie has been replaced by something far more subversive. 

Crouching Michael Hidden Cera – source: Buzzfeed
The Guardian offers some tips on how to photobomb like a celebrity. There’s the Tom Hanks method – sit beside a passed out drunk and use his own phone. You can opt for creepy like Michael Cera ordepressed like Hugh Laurie. Or there’s the sheer brilliance of the ‘lifebomb’ as practiced by Bill Murray: he runs up to people and hugs them, saying “nobody will ever believe you.”

 The Cumberbomb – source: BBC

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