Overdue Detective? Can the second season of “True Detective” Live Up To The Hype

by Niall McArdle

originally posted at 2Paragraphs.com


Nic Pizzolatto’s True Detective is easily the year’s most talked-about television event. The dark HBO crime drama has garnered a slew of Emmy nominations and the sort of attention and praise from critics and audiences that make TV executives drool. In our cultural moment of binge-watching and episode recaps, the Internet is on the verge of collapsing under the weight of obsessive analysis of the show’s themes.

In contrast Mad Men can only look to its laurels: last year the 1960s ad-man drama generated a tidal wave of online discussion – much of it ludicrous – but this year’s airing of the first half of the final season o f Matt Weiner’s drama, though well-received, seemed overshadowed by talk of the McConaissance.

Elisabeth Moss. From one iconic show, "Mad Men" to another, "True Detective"?  source:imdb
Elisabeth Moss. From one iconic show, “Mad Men” to another, “True Detective”? source:imdb

Even the Game of Thrones juggernaut seemed to stall a little on the Zeitgeist Highway and be overtaken by the True Detective Maserati, in spite of several outstanding moments (mostly involving a lot of blood). In other words, forget White Walkers; let’s talk about Carcosa.

Vince Vaughn. askmen.com
Vince Vaughn. Season 2 villain? source: askmen.com

The show is currently preparing its second season, and “eagerly anticipated” doesn’t quite cover it. The cast has not been confirmed, but we’ve had a glut of rumors about who might be in it and what it might be about. And viewers are eagerly dissecting every scrap of information to come from HBO in order to discern hidden details about the show. So much so that HBO is in danger of letting viewer anticipation turn to viewer fatigue before the season even airs. We will have to wait and see what happens. In the meantime, would you like a Yellow King coaster?

7 thoughts on “Overdue Detective? Can the second season of “True Detective” Live Up To The Hype

  1. Well of course I’m very excited about Peggy Olson. I think Vince Vaughn will be a great villain. I doubt the next season will be as good, if only because our expectations will be too high now.


    1. I went ‘huh?” when I first heard Vince Vaughn’s name; I’ve thought about it more and know a bit more about the character (sleazy bad guy), and I think he’ll be just perfect


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