Brilliant Biopics

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By Niall McArdle

Biographies generally make for great movies. Some people’s life stories have drama, triumph, torment,and tragedy, and if their lives happen to coincide with capital ‘H’ History, so much the better. Here are some biopics headed our way in the coming months.

The Imitation Game: Brilliant, Gay English Mathematician

The Theory of Everything: Brilliant, Not Gay, Disabled English Physicist

Unbroken: Brilliant American Athlete and Plucky POW, Probably Not Gay

Get On Up: Brilliant, Most Assuredly Not Gay, Very Athletic Funky American Singer

The Liberator: Brilliant Venezuelan Revolutionary, Gayness Undetermined

Dracula Untold: Brilliant, Misunderstood, Probably Not Gay Transylvanian Vampire

4 thoughts on “Brilliant Biopics

  1. ‘Wilde’, with Stephen Fry, both definitely gay. New Hendrix film with Andre Benjamin, neither of them gay. This is a topic that could run and run Niall!
    Cheers, Pete.


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