“Broadsword Calling Danny Boy!” – Where Eagles Dare

by Niall McArdle

Here is my final review for Movie Rob’s Genre Grandeur for the month of August on war films. Spoilers for Where Eagles Dare if you have not seen it.

Genre Grandeur August Finale – Where Eagles Dare (1968).

I won’t be blogging much for a few days, but my one year blogiversary is coming up soon and I will be posting a recap of my year in the blogosphere. In the meantime, keep fluffering on. Click on the Betamax to read the review.

2 thoughts on ““Broadsword Calling Danny Boy!” – Where Eagles Dare

  1. Love this one Niall, but then I’m British, so it’s compulsory! I watched it on TV last week, for the -I don’t know how many- time. I love to see Eastwood fire off hundreds of rounds without reloading, and watch Patrick Wymark stepping out of the aircraft door- without a parachute. But most of all the wonderful Derren Nesbitt, who steals the show in one of his signature roles, the almost likeable Nazi. Great stuff mate.
    Hang on though, Betamax? How posh were you? We had to tolerate a Ferguson Videostar on VHS format, and it was so expensive to buy, we rented it! Then again, I did get one in 1978, by which time I was already 26 years old.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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