They Look Like A Couple of Dorks! The T-Shirts of “Pulp Fiction”

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by Niall McArdle


Regular readers know that the Royale With Cheeseathon has been ongoing here since May, but this week is the 20th anniversary of Pulp Fiction opening in cinemas.

source: dead4movie
source: dead4movie

Vanity Fair has reprinted its fascinating history of the film’s production here

vincent butch

Everybody wanted to be in th film, apparently. Actors considered for roles in the film include Matt Dillon, Daniel Day-Lewis and Meg Ryan

source: ign
source: ign

If you were ever curious to know who played the Gimp, it was an actor called Steve Hibbert

source: Miramax
source: Miramax

The film is fondly remembered for its music, its dialogue, its outlandish production design … and its t-shirts. You probably already know about Bronagh Gallagher’s Frames t-shirt in the movie. But what about the Speed Racer t-shirt that Eric Stoltz wears? (surprise, surprise: it was one of Tarantino’s) Or the dorky t-shirts that Travolta and Jackson have to put on at the end of the movie? The movie’s costume designer, Betsy Heimann recently talked about the fashion choices in the film.

source: Vanity Fair
source: Vanity Fair

More behind-the-scenes stuff is here.

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