Is Michelle MacLaren The Wondrous Woman Who Will Direct ‘Wonder Woman”? (UPDATED)

Michelle MacLaren directs Bryan Cranston n the set of "Breaking Bad" (source: AMC)
Michelle MacLaren directs Bryan Cranston n the set of “Breaking Bad” (source: AMC)

I recently reported that Warner Bros is looking for a female director for Wonder Woman, and while that might seem a rather patronizing move – “hey, the hero’s a sexy chick; let’s get a chick to helm!” – now it seems the studio has found a wondrous woman indeed.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (source: DC Comics)
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman (source: DC Comics)

Although there has been much speculation that it will be Kathryn Bigelow, it now looks as if Michelle MacLaren will get the gig. MacLaren is no stranger to action: she has brought all sorts of badassery to television’s Breaking BadGame of Thrones and The Walking Dead. Will Wonder Woman involve chopping off people’s heads and hands? Or will Diana Prince be a meth head? Either way, you better call Saul.

As the AV Club comments, while MacLaren is not as famous as some directors, she definitely has the directing chops. “MacLaren might not have the mainstream name-recognition or love of stupid slow-motion bullshit that Batman V. Superman’s Zack Snyder has, but having two of the greatest TV shows in recent memory—plus The Walking Dead—on your résumé isn’t so bad.” This is actually good news, as MacLaren knows how to direct action without sacrificing story or character, and that is a feat that superhero films generally don’t get right. Among MacLaren’s credits is the shocking season four finale of The Walking Dead and the bear-fighting episode of Game of Thrones.


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UPDATE: Joanna Robinson at Vanity Fair has this great piece outlining 12 reasons why MacLaren is perfect to direct Wonder Woman

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