The Age of Adaline

The new Blake Lively romantic fantasy drama The Age of Adaline looks to be aimed at people who really, really enjoyed the Colin Farrell romantic fantasy drama Winter’s Tale.

Lively plays a woman who has a magical car crash in 1935, and thereafter doesn’t age a day, remaining “immune to the ravages of time,” stubbornly perky, attractive, with gravity-resistant cheeks and beauty spot. Lively has the perfect name for this, because she’s, you know, immortal. Her children grow old in front of her (one of them is Ellen Burstyn.) A goatee-sporting Harrison Ford pops up as an old boyfriend.
Vanity Fair reports that at one point the film was to have starred one-time It Girl Katherine Heigl (who seems to remain box-office poison and object of general hatred, especially among fans of Shonda Rimes, but who is currently looking for a comeback on TV.)

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The Age of Adaline brings its youthful exuberance to theaters in April. The magical-sounding music in the trailer is from French electronic outfit M83’s score to the Tom Cruise sci-fi adventure Oblivion

One thought on “The Age of Adaline

  1. It sounds like it might have been done before. A perked up ‘Picture of Dorian Gray’, without the portrait in the attic, drugs, crime, and whores. Still, I might give it a look, when it makes it to Film 4 in a couple of years.
    Cheers Niall, Pete.

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