The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 7 – “Crossed”

by Niall McArdle


Last night’s episode of The Walking Dead was the weakest of the season, feeling incomplete and scattered. Aptly titled “Crossed” it criss-crossed between four different locations and groups.

The episode very much felt like the first half of a two-parter. It was low on action and high on tactics, as plans were made, revised, and messed up.

The episode’s primary focus was on setting up a showdown in Atlanta, and next week’s episode (the last before the series takes a winter break) is now much-anticipated, as it seems likely there will be much bloodshed (yay!) and probably the death of at least one of the show’s main characters (boo!)

The four scenarios were:


Atlanta: Rick & Co. prepared for an assault on the hospital, coming across a couple of Grady Memorial’s police officers, who they took hostage with the plan to exchange them for Beth and Carol.

tumblr_nfiyoawD4O1rwe9ppo4_250The Hospital: Carol was still in a coma, while Beth tended to her, managing to get some drugs into her while continuing to look like a wide-eyed anime character come to life.

The Church: The cowardly reverend snuck out on Michonne, Carl, and Carl’s stupid hat, stepping on a rusty nail in the process (if the walkers don’t kill him, the septicemia will.) He wasn’t even five minutes gone before he ran into a zombie, finally managing to put up something of a fight, but he was unable to finish her off because she was wearing a crucifix (presumably if it had been a Star of David, he would have had no qualms.)


The Highway: Or as it’s now known, Team GREATM. There was a yo-yo. There was fishing. Eugene lay unconscious while Abraham spent the episode on his knees staring into the distance, looking like a defeated samurai waiting to have his enemy decapitate him. Glenn, meanwhile, asked Rosita if she wanted to come with them; after all, Abraham’s “mission” no longer has any purpose.

Seven episodes in, Season Five is looking to be the series’ best, but that being said, next week really needs to bring the goods. I’m guessing we’re going to see the demise of either Michonne or Abraham (perhaps both.)



6 thoughts on “The Walking Dead: Season 5, Episode 7 – “Crossed”

  1. This episode felt very scatter-shot and didn’t always do the best job at making perfect sense as to who they were focusing on, why, and what was going to happen next. Basically, it just didn’t work. Good review.

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      1. cheers for the shoutout!! 2015? I thought that in this day and age the time between airing on american TV and british TV was quite short (to prevent bootlegging and spoilers and whatnot)


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