Who is going to die on ‘The Walking Dead’ midseason finale?

SPOILERS for season five 

This morning I posted my thoughts on last night’s episode of “The Walking Dead”. Here ‘Entertainment Weekly’ looks into its crystal ball to see who is going to take a dirt-nap in the show’s midseason finale.

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A lot of people on the Internet think Beth is going to go; I’m not convinced, only because I think her character has developed into something interesting, and it would be a shame to kill her off at this point. That said, if Beth dies, expect serious waterworks from Daryl … and possibly big sister Maggie (many have noted she hasn’t asked or wondered about Beth once all season).

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I for one would love it if the show took a hge risk and killed off one of the series major major major stars (I’m looking at you, Rick). EW thinksthe show could not kill off Carl. I disagree, and not just because I find him an annoying character in a stupid hat. He wanted to go to Atlanta this week, but Rick made him stay behind; how cool would it be if he got killed off because of that choice? Rick could then spend the rest of the season wallowing in guilt.


5 thoughts on “Who is going to die on ‘The Walking Dead’ midseason finale?

  1. I haven’t read this Niall, as we have to wait forever for it to arrive on our screens. No spoilers please! Remember, we are still in the land of Charles Dickens, so we have to be patient.
    Regards as always, Pete.

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    1. cheers, rob. It’s possible, of course, that nobody will get killed off. My money’s on Carl (but that’s because I don’t like Carl). There’s a theory that it might be baby Judith, which would be a daring move (even for a show that trades in shock moments)

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      1. well everyone considers him ‘the face’ of the show; for me, he is a very uninteresting character, but i guess they will have to keep him around … there is a rumour that the series will end with the revelation that the entire thing was a coma dream; terrible idea, and probably no more than a silly rumour.


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