My Favourite TV of 2014

This is my little round-up of the best TV that I watched this year.

I think I probably saw more decent TV than movies, but that may be only because I did not get to go to the cinema as often as I wanted.

I binge-watched a lot of television. A lot.

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My favourite TV shows of the year:

The Knick

The Honourable Woman

Breaking Bad 

Boardwalk Empire

True Detective

My fluffcast, if you’re interested, is here. It’s almost half and hour, which is ridiculously long.

If you’re wondering why it’s in grainy black and white, in part it’s because my webcam is not very good, and in part because this is the only way I will ever get to pretend I’m a character in a Jim Jarmusch film.


I think that Mad Men, though still wonderfully made, has jumped the shark, and I am glad that it’s coming to an end. I start whining about it at the 11:00 mark.

I also discuss the Channel 4 conspiracy thriller Utopia as well as diss The Big Bang Theory


True Detective and The Honourable Woman are discussed in the first eight minutes.

I have to thank Cathy of 746 Books: she has recommended a lot of great television, and she has excellent taste. Years ago I started to watch Mad Men at her urging, and it was she who recommended Utopia and The Shadow Line.


Cathy also recommended Black Mirror, which I had never heard of, and which is great. It’s like The Twilight Zone for the digital age. As I write this, they are filming a Christmas special which will feature Jon Hamm.

What about you? What were your favourite (and least favourite) TV shows.

11 thoughts on “My Favourite TV of 2014

  1. I can only go with what I can see over here, on ‘normal’ TV. ‘Black Mirror’ was great. A new series is due soon. The creator, Charlie Brooker, does a brilliant satirical TV review show here, ‘Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe.’ Irreverent, sweary, and very funny. See if you can find any episodes.
    ‘Utopia’, bloody marvellous. Great story, oddball cast, and beautiful colours. The second series rounded off some of the edges. Just fantastic. ‘The Honourable Woman,’ I stuck with it, although the outcome was obvious. The twists and turns were enjoyable, and MG was perfect in the lead. No expense-spared production, full-on entertainment. ‘Shadow Line’, the best of British again, along with ‘The Fall’, Belfast-set, serial-killer murder mystery, Gillian Anderson superb as an English detective. Lots of Irish actors too! As good as ‘The Killing’, (Danish version of course) so that’s high praise. Also ‘Luther’, slightly unbelievable, but delicious TV; new series on the way.

    I have box sets of both ‘Breaking bad’, and ‘Mad Men’, given as gifts. I have yet to watch any of them, but I am saving that for a ‘lost weekend’ some time.

    Great roundup Niall, as always.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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    1. cheers, pete. yes, i enjoyed Black Mirror very much and am very curious about the Christmas special. It’s a shame that so many great shows are only available over there on satellite TV. You will enjoy both Mad Men and Breaking Bad; you might need more than one lost weekend, though, and be prepared to give over several hours in one sitting to bing-watch, as both are the sort of shows that you cannot stop watching after only one episode. If you get a chance to watch The Knick, it is fantastic. I have heard of Luther but have yet to watch it; ditto The Fall, which looks impressive, and I always liked Gillian Anderson. In the fluffcast I didn’t discuss “Hannibal” which I also enjoyed very much, although it got very silly; I am very eager about the third series coming in 2015.


  2. I loved The Shadow Line, though never could persuade any of my friends to watch. Stephen Rea, the puppetmaster. Epic. This year, loved True Detective. And The Knick is now a must-see in my house. Series 2 of The Americans I had been looking forward to, but it got a bit ludicrous – a shame. I’ll miss The Newsroom – slick and well written. On UK tv, it’s been The Line Of Duty (was series 2 this year??), The Village, Peaky Blinders (though missed some of it), and The Fall.

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  3. I hope you get to see them soon – I’ve not read an awful lot of your blog, but am assuming you’re across the pond? (Can’t believe I used such a wanky phrase there!) My reasoning is, that over there you’ll get to see The Fall, at least, as Gillian Anderson is still a big name – I think. And Jamie Dornan will soon be massive as the 50 Shades dude (pun definitely not intended!) We also watched this show The Following, series 2, Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy, tosh but hugely enjoyable for that! And Orphan Black – the lead actress, who played all the clones, so at least five parts – was superb, she’ll be a big star. But it was kind of trashy-but-oh-so-watchable! You’ve got to have a few such shows on your telly itinerary.

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