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Russell Crowe`s directorial debut is an epic-looking tale of war and forgiveness that looks like it will be full of magnificent widescreen vistas, and have a heavy dollop of sentiment, emotional carnage, and some rather silly-sounding dialogue.

Gallipoli looms large in the Australian consciousness, and so the story of a man who travels to Turkey in the aftermath of the Great War to search for his missing sons has a great deal of resonance for Australian audiences (and for the most part Australian critics like the film, which opened Down Under on Boxing Day).


Along the way he meets Olga Kurylenko, and presumably their characters will have a romantic connection.

Crowe has been acting for thirty years, so he knows his way around a film set. It remains to be seen if that experience translates to a solid directorial effort. The film has been a labour of love for Crowe. As an actor he probably will do a decent job of directing the cast, but will he be able to tell a story well?

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You might remember he was supposed to star in another Australian epic, Baz Luhrman`s Australia. He dropped out of that project (which was a good idea; it isn`t a great film).

The Water Diviner opens everywhere in April. Will it be a hit? Well, after the soggy Noah and the critically shat-upon Winter’s Tale, not to mention the bad reviews he received for Les Miserables, he could do with a hit.

6 thoughts on “Trailer Review

  1. I’ve disliked Crowe ever since the “stramash” (good Scottish word) over his cut speech at the BAFTAs, and his attack on whoever made the decision afterwards – I think he’s a bit of a prick, to put it as succinctly as possible! But as this is a bit of a gap in my history knowledge, I might watch it sometime – but I probably won’t be rushing to the cinema (or the pictures, as we still call it. And we’re not that old!)

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      1. You’re right Niall. If we began to judge stars by their offscreen behaviour, I’m afraid we would have a difficult time enjoying movies. Mind you, I cannot watch a Mel Gibson film the same way anymore… I don’t mind anything Crowe does as long as he doesn’t sing again. It was torture watching him in Les Miserables.

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