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Should Be Reading has introduced a cool and helpful weekly meme: SWYK, where bloggers are invited to share advice or tips.

This meme asks you to share 3 tips on one of the topics below, OR 3 tips on a different topic that you know well and feel others would benefit from!

This week’s topics:

Setting Up a WordPress blog
• Finding a Theme or Blog Template
• Choosing a “Focus Word” for the Year
• Coming Up With New Content for Your Blog

My choice: Coming Up With New Content for Your Blog


download (1)

I started The Fluff is Raging (under its original title silence cunning exile … maple syrup) because I thought I would only blog about my thoughts on being an irish ex-pat. I expected it would focus on Ireland and Irish topics, with the odd film review thrown in. I honestly did not think I would end up writing about diverse as the thematic importance of smoking in movies, Miley Cyrus swinging on a sledgehammer, why walking is good for your brain, and that there’s a fossil named after Mick Jagger.


But it soon became clear to me that there really is just so much stuff out there worth blogging about. That certainly was the case last April when I took part in the AtoZ Challenge Blogathon. I didn’t have a theme when I started the month, so I just sort of scrambled around the Internet looking for odds and ends.

And it’s the lifeblood of what I do for 2paragraphs, where my official title is Chief Entertainment and Culture Correspondent, and where I get to write about everything from Pluto to depressing literary cat memes to the urge to eat babies.



If you’re really interested in something, you’ll find a topic to discuss. I wanted to write about the 20th anniversary of Pulp Fiction, why I love Where Eagles Dare, and how much I miss home.



For bloggers, J-Law is the gift that keeps giving.

4 thoughts on “Share What You Know

  1. A good idea, and some good tips Niall. My personal advice extends to just one thing. Write about what you know about, or have done yourself. You cannot go wrong with the sincerity that brings to your writing. (This doesn’t apply to fiction of course, especially science fiction. Or historical battles or events that you couldn’t have been in, or…Oh dear…Looks like I got that wrong too)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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