Happy Birthday, Edgar Allen Poe

Happy Birthday, Edgar Allen Poe

source: Tor.com
source: Tor.com

Tor has a nice summary of the man’s accomplishments and influence here – including the fascinating tidbit that there is a Japanese writer who calls himself Edogawa Rampo (say it out loud.)

You can download ALL of Poe’s works at the truly brilliant Open Culture.

You can listen to Christopher Walken reading Poe’s “The Raven” here. It sounds an awful lot like you would expect:

Nevermore! Christopher Walken. Source: burrent.com
Nevermore! Christopher Walken. Source: burrent.com

Once … upon a midnight dreary while I PONDERED!! weak … and … weary!


Perhaps you’d prefer actor and occasional heavy metal singer Christopher Lee:

Or James Earl Jones from The Simpsons Hallowe’en episode (click on the picture):

download (6)

Or you could mark Poe’s birthday by watching Roger Corman’s House of Usher:

Or if you’re feeling particularly masochistic, the John Cusack film The Raven.


3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Edgar Allen Poe

    1. OK legs slapped! That comment was on Curnblog Niall- apologies.
      I take my medicine as a Poe naffster…I do like Cusack though. Always makes me think of The Grifters.
      Take care mate. Pete.


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