Baked Muffins? Getting Your Vagina Stoned

A woman’s vagina can get high. Not as in “Gosh, that was pleasant coitus.” As in “Wow, man, I got the munchies.”*
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According to Salon, a new vaginal lubricant, Foria, which contains marijuana extract, can “create the relaxation needed for sensual experience.”
Salon explains that the spray is effective when sprayed on a half-hour before sex. And it’s very … relaxing. One user writes “Your vagina will feel stoned. Just your vagina though….the best way I can describe it is the feeling you get when you take a hit, hold it in and then exhale, and then that warm, tingly, vaguely lightheaded feeling washes over you — imagine that feeling, but more subtle and constant, just in and around your vag.”
Before men get too excited, it doesn’t work on penises. “Men can use it, but it won’t really do anything because they don’t have the vaginal membrane necessary for it to work.” As Foria creator Matthew Gerson explains, the product draws on a long and rich tradition of vaginally introduced drug-taking: “Introducing medicines, compounds and different drugs through the vagina is something that both modern doctors and doctors throughout history have done.” Well, yes, we knew that from watching The Knick.
* Insert tasteless joke here
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7 thoughts on “Baked Muffins? Getting Your Vagina Stoned

      1. That’s a good idea. First though, I need to find a way to fund this voyage of self discovery. Vagina weed is an untapped market here in Ireland, NiMac. I’ll cut you in on this pal, 60/40.

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