Women are turned on by bearded men named ryan

What do women want?

Ryan Adams. source: AttractiveMenWithFacialHair.com

A man called Ryan with a ten-day-old beard, who doesn’t wear cologne, who isn’t naked, and who smells of printer ink.

Anna Pulley of Alternet has collated some of the odder things that have been scientifically proven to turn women on. Some of the more interesting tidbits include the fact that women regard men with facial hair as more protective and feel they probably would make better fathers; the smell of heavily-scented men’s cologne reduces vaginal flow; and that the name Ryan is associated with success and attractiveness.

source: Getty
source: Getty

Just after I read this, though, I learned that Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams are splitting up. Perhaps he shaved off the beard and she didn’t like it.

source: fanpop.com
source: fanpop.com

James is also considered a good-quality man’s name (this is all good news for crooner Ryan Adams, and perhaps James Blunt’s success has less to do with his posh background and more to do with his moniker).

Sophie Dahl. source: foodandwine.com
Sophie Dahl. source: foodandwine.com

Men’s names that are considered less attractive include Peter, Thomas and George. For men, meanwhile, the sight of a naked woman will always be arousing, as is the smell of a Sunday roast. Especially if it’s cooked by a woman named Sophie.


One thought on “Women are turned on by bearded men named ryan

  1. See if I get this right.
    I am called Pete. I don’t have any facial hair. I normally smell of nothing much, except being clean, and a light after-shave balm. After a Sunday roast, I generally feel bloated and sleepy, rarely aroused.
    I’ve pretty much had it, haven’t I?
    Cheers Niall.


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