The Fantastic Four trailer makes me feel ancient

Once upon a time I looked like this:


That was a while ago. I am ‘celebrating’ my birthday this week – it’s an unmentionable number so we’ll just move on and not discuss it.

I was already feeling old and then along comes the trailer for The Fantastic Four. The cast is young and young-looking, and it appears that the filmmakers are planning on pushing this as a Teenagers Save The World story.

download (1)

The kid scientists use a teleportation device to go to another end of the universe; something goes wrong; they come back Stretchy, Fiery, Invisibly and, er, Thingy.

The voiceover sounds like it’s by Discount Morgan Freeman. They’ve gone for an Interstellar vibe in the trailer, which seems a bit ponderous considering it’s going to be a flick about youngsters taking on baddies with their superhero powers.

I already knew I wasn’t the demographic for this, but man, do I feel old.

Say what you want about how silly The Avengers is (and it is), but at least Iron Man is middle aged.

Video review is here:


13 thoughts on “The Fantastic Four trailer makes me feel ancient

  1. Everything has been getting the YA make-over of late. I haven’t decided yet if I genuinely think this is a trend, or if I’m just getting old. Happy birthday to us, by the way. 😉

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  2. The fantastic 4 trailer was just “meh” there age was a bit strange since it was announced. I will wait to see a few more trailers it could still be awesome (or a flaming pile..).

    Ally 🙂

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    1. i am not a comics person and have to defer to others on the vagaries of superheroes. after i posted my review and video, i did a little research; the new film is apparently based on The Fantastic 4 from a particular period within marvel comics when there were different artists/writers


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