Is Tom Hardy in Everything? Child 44 Trailer Review

Tom Hardy is certainly a busy man with a slate full of movies. Last year we saw him in the excellent Locke and the really quite good The Drop. He’s currently finishing his work on The Revenant with Leonardo Di Caprio. After that he needs to promote Mad Max – he’s going to be so busy with Mad Max that he has dropped out of Suicide Squad. He has plans for a sort of rollicking pirate rogue thing that he’s developing for television. And yet he has still managed to squeeze Child 44 in to his busy schedule.


Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Noomi Rapace, and Vincent Cassel in a serial killer thriller set in the Soviet Union in the 1950s, with a script by Richard Price (Sea of Love, The Color of Money)? I’m in.

The trailer might make you think of the excellent Gorky Park, and I was also reminded of a great made for cable thing called Citizen X that Stephen Rea was in.

Fluffcast below (complete with Communist badge and Russian dolls!!!!!)

6 thoughts on “Is Tom Hardy in Everything? Child 44 Trailer Review

  1. Great cast.
    From a great book.
    I liked ‘Citizen X.’
    I liked’ Gorky Park.’
    But why the heavy Russian accents? We know it’s in Russia, and we know they’re Russians.
    Why, oh why do they always do that?
    Cheers Niall. Pete.

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  2. I’m obviously going to have to get the book as I hear great things about it. I had never heard of the novel until I saw the trailer for the film. Haven’t seen Bronson either (it’s on the list of things to watch)


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