100 Novels by 100 Irish Novelists

Get reading! cathy at 746 Books has put together a list of a hundred novels by a hundred irish novelists to help you prepare for Ireland Month (March).

When planning for Ireland Month, I brought together a list of 100 books by 100 Irish authors, both out of interest for myself and to give anyone thinking of taking part some inspiration for what to read.

I thought 100 might be a little much so cut it down to 50, however since publishing it yesterday, I think a lot of really good books by a lot of really good authors (particularly female authors) are missing from the list so I’ve decided to reinstate my original 100!

In compiling this list, I tried to pick only one book from each author, so there is no Finnegan’s Wake because there is Ulysses, no Brooklyn because there is Nora Webster. Obviously a list spanning four centuries is going to have some omissions, so if I’ve left out anything obvious do let me know! I’ve linked each title up to it’s Goodreads page so…

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