Birdman Soars, Budapest Shines, Boyhood Stumbles

source: abc

I was half-right in my predictions for the Oscars.

I said that Patricia Arquette would give a heartfelt speech that would make everyone want to call their mum.

In fact, it was J.K. Simmons who ended up telling everyone to call their parents.

There were no surprises in the acting categories.

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Birdman took the big prize but I really thought Linklater would be given Best Director. So although everyone knows that Boyhood is by far the better film, they still chose the shallow showbiz story.

source: guardian
source: guardian

Typical Hollywood.

And Best Original Screenplay for Birdman as well? Did not see that coming. That choice was a huge error, I think.

I’m happy The Grand Budapest Hotel won so many Oscars (including Alexandre Desplat, who was competing with himself). But it would have been nice if Anderson had got something personally.


Foxcatcher was shut out, which is a shame; it might end up the forgotten film of 2014. And it shouldn’t be. Go see it.

As for the show itself, it was a bit meh.

A Sound of Music tribute from a very restrained, almost respectable looking Lady Gaga? She looked like a tacky porn star who’s had to try to look presentable because she’s going to someone’s debs.

source: getty
source: getty

Lady Gaga followed the Common / John Legend duet: From “Glory” to Whore-y?

But listen, Goodfellas is 25 years old this year? How come she didn’t sing a song honouring that? She could have sung “Do you think I’m funny?” to the tune of Rod Stewart’s “Do you think I’m sexy?”

Neil Patrick Harris seemed to relax more as the evening went on, and he really needs to ad-lib more.

NPH in his tighty whites; okay, it was funny, but it seems like a cheap way to get a laugh.

source: getty
source: getty

John Travolta looks like a Ken doll … a really creepy Ken doll.

source: abc
source: abc

Jared Leto looked like Jesus if Jesus went to a 1970s debs.

200 (3)

There weren’t that many speeches thanking God … but there was one that mentioned the family dog.

I loved the fact that Ida‘s director Pawel Pawlikowski carried on with his speech in spite of the orchestra trying to play him off. Twice.

I knew Neil Patrick Harris would do a magic trick.

Clint Eastwood looked very confused, like he just woke up from a nap and didn’t know where he was.

Nice burn of the Academy from NPH introducing Oscar-snubbed Jennifer Anistion and David Oyelowo.

Also, a great Edward Snowden joke. “He can’t be here tonight for some treason.”

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Political/Social Agendas of the Evening

Gender Equality

source: abc
Patricia Arquette. source: abc

200 (4)

Prison Reform and/or Face the Racial Issue Around Crime

source: billboard
Common and John Legend. source: billboard

Stay Weird!

Graham Moore wins Best Adapted Screenplay for The Imitation Game. source: variety
Graham Moore wins Best Adapted Screenplay for The Imitation Game. source: variety

Emergency Call-Centre Volunteers are Heroes

Dana Perry and Ellen Goosenberg Kent accept the Best Documentary Short Award for "Crisis Hotline. source: getty
Dana Perry and Ellen Goosenberg Kent accept the Best Documentary Short Award for “Crisis Hotline. source: getty

Immigrants Need Respect

Alejandro Innaritu. source:
Alejandro Innaritu. source:

Call Your Mum

J.K. Simmons. source: getty
J.K. Simmons. source: getty

Thank Your Dog


5 thoughts on “Birdman Soars, Budapest Shines, Boyhood Stumbles

    1. Boyhood is THE best film of last year; possibly the best American film of the last several years. And the Oscars had a chance to reward a real independent film; they opted for the showbiz-friendly Birdman (and i like Birdman)


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