Spider-Man Stays in School

More superhero news. You know, because we just don’t get enough of that.


For the last several weeks comic book movie fans have been speculating how Marvel and Sony plan to reboot Spider-Man. Would Peter Parker still be a teenager? Would we be getting yet another origin story?

Well, now we know. Writer-director Drew Goddard has been hired to bring the web-slinger back to the big screen in a series of standalone movies, and Spider-Man will more than likely make an appearance in the next Captain America movie, and perhaps will eventually join the Avengers.


While the character will start off as a high-school student, there will be no origin story; Marvel and Sony are hoping to cast a young actor who will grow into the role over several movies. “Peter Parker will be a high-schooler,” writes Uproxx, “but if everything goes well, we’ll see Parker evolve into an adult over a series of trilogies which provides an interesting dynamic that in and of itself comes with a variety of dilemmas to explore.”

Avengers-2-Age-of-Ultron-Robert-Downey-Jr-Iron-Man-Poster-570x831 (1)

There is also a rumor that Spider-Man will fight Iron Man. Is this the big news that Robert Downey, Jr teased last week?

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